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Lightroom Essential 2 Week - Four Part Training


Here is what a student recently said about my Lightroom Training.

"I just completed a two day seminar on Adobe Light Room taught my Mike Adkins.  I  thoroughly enjoyed  the class. Mike was very knowledgeable and explained everything in a calm, precise and professional  manner. I was very impressed with his ability to explain this rather complex program in a way that we as beginners could understand. Although it will take some time and practice to become really proficient in the use of all the features of the program, I feel confident that I can do most of what I need to do as a result of taking this class. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning to use  the number one photo editing program in the world. - Jim Ellis -

Welcome to my Lightroom Essentials Training.  This two week - four part course covers the following;

Week 1 - Part I - The Lightroom Catalog Module
*  Where and how your photos are stored.
*  How to import your photos into Lightroom.
*  How to create collections.
*  How to add key words to help you locate your pictures quickly.
*  Exporting your photos, email your photos, and posting photos from Lightroom to Social Media.
*  Creating Stacks.

Week 1 - Part II - The Develop Module
* Making over all adjustments to your photos.
* Working with Sliders.
* Toning your images.
* Making Virtual Copies.
* Understanding Non Destructive Editing.
* Using Pre-sets.
* Using the Crop Tool and Horizon Level.

Week 2 - Part III - More Develop Module
* Importing and Creating your own Presets.
* Applying a Preset to a group of photos.
* Using the Adjustment Brush.
* Using the gradient tool.
* Correcting Red Eye.
* Editing your image in and external program such as Photoshop.

Week 2 - Part IV - The Print Module
* Creating output files for printing at SAMS CLUB.
* Using Photo Masks and Templates.
* Creating a Book.

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If you do not have Adobe Lightroom I recommend Adobe Creative Cloud at $9.99 per month rental.  You get both the current version of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

NOTE: Do not purchase the student edition unless you are registered in school at a higher education institution.