Anyone Can Draw - Introduction to Graphite Drawing Class.

Starts September 2nd 2013 at 6:00pm

Cost $148.50 (This includes my Exclusive Drawing Kit and supplies)

This has been my most anticipated class ever.  I have had so many request that I am excited to finally offer it.  Creating a class takes a lot of planning and organization and this class has been over a year in development.
So first off let me say that anyone can lean to draw.  It is not a something that you are born with but something that can be leaned and developed.  And I can tell you that drawing is by far the most relaxing, rewarding and soothing experience you can have.  So save all those therapy dollars and start drawing.
In this class I will start all my students off as though they know nothing about art or have ever put a pencil to a drawing surface.
Also the cost of the class covers all your materials and my exclusive graphite drawing kit.  Yes, this is the exact kit that I use to create all my graphite portraits and drawings and it is yours to keep as part of the class.
This is a very complete four week course that meets one time per week on Monday evenings.  But you will also have some practice exercises between classes.  And that is not all.  There will be plenty of handouts and information provided each week.
The class sizes are very limited so that I have time to help each student as needed.  And if that was not enough, the classroom has been totally remodeled to make it more comfortable.
So it is time to wake up your right brain.
Here are some advantages of graphite or pencil drawing.   * You can draw anywhere.  While you are waiting at the doctors, or relaxing with a cup of tea.  The tools are easy to carry and you can have them with you any time you feel the urge to be creative.
  • It is a very inexpensive hobby to get into.  Just about everything you need is provided to you in this course.
  • The techniques are easy to lean and can be applied to a great deal of types of drawings.
  • Drawing is the basics that can be used to apply to other media such as oil painting, pastels, or water color.
  • And best of all your drawings make wonderful gifts.


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