Cool Stuff

1/6/2014 – Web Sites of 2013 that I follow.

1. – Mark Hamilton’s photo blog site. Great photo work and writings.

2. – Great photography inspiration and the best shots in the world.

3. – Like having a personal trainer. I am constantly taking training on this site and have been for years.

4. – Amazing insightful and informative site about photogra…phy and lighting.

5. – A long time fan and a student of Joe McNally. I follow his photography, writing, and business practices. Great mentor.

6. – Another educational site that I subscribe to. I am constantly taking training courses on this site.

7. – If you want a great resource for free training and inspiration this is the spot. Also, love the music videos.

8. – Great behind the scenes vidoes about how the big boys create amazing photos and videos. Very active site.

9. – Well, this is a new find and I am still exploring the site but it looks promising.

10. – Like YouTube, has great videos and behind the scenes tutorials.