Classes and Workshops



Introduction to Digital Photography

I have had the great honor of teaching photography in the Huntington area for over five years.  During that time I have helped well over a hundred people start there own photographic journey.  This is my most popular class because people are surprised to find out how complex there new camera is. The Introduction to Digital Photography Class is a four week class covering everything from the controls on your camera to creating amazing photos.  In the class I start everyone out as though they know nothing at all about there camera or photography and then step by step we go though the camera controls, composition, and understanding light.

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Lightroom Essentials

In the Introduction to Digital Photography class I cover the use of the camera and photographic techniques.  This class is the organization of your pictures, the editing of them, how to make amazing prints, and how to post to social media all from one program.  This is really the follow up class from the Intro class above and focuses on what you do with your pictures once the shutter has been pressed.  Some refer to this class as the digital dark room.  You will need to obtain a copy of Adobe Lightroom in order to get the most out of this class.

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