Mike Adkins

Never settle for that which you can see, instead strive to create that which others can only dream“…

Photography is about telling a story in a single image. A snapshot in time that conveys a message or stirs emotion.  To bring delight to the viewer again and again. I am passionate about my photography. I want to do more than just snap a picture. I strive to create a work of art.  Almost 30 years I look a large pictures of my grand-mother. It hangs over my bed and reminds me of how I feel about photography. When I see the print I think of her and with that she is always with me.  The print is turning red now as the silvers start to oxidise. I regret that I did not have the technology that we do today with images that are rated to last over one hundred years. So I take care in each and every print that I have processed to assure that the quality and technology is built into it to last.

Take your time and explore my web site. That is how to get to know me and how to best judge if my style fits your needs. Then contact me for a personal consultation.

Your image is my passion. I look forward to hearing from you.

Look forward to hearing from you.  Here is my email address:

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