December 8, 2016

Is there a place for Digital Art today?

Fisherman's Pier - by Michael Adkins

Fisherman's Pier - by Michael Adkins

My friend posted an interesting statement yesterday that got me thinking.  "Is there a place for digital art today?"  Its the twilight zone between photography and traditional art.  Lets face it.  Traditional artist have never considered photography as a form of art.  Most feel photography is a mechanical process of coping what is in front of the lens.  Photographers hold the feeling that traditional artist do not understand the creative nature of photography as an art form.  But now you have the digital artist that in many cases are not accepted by either camp.  They fall somewhere in-between.  Its not photography and its not traditional art.  Some may call it Photoshopped.  That is a limiting term today as there is a huge list of tools available to the creative mind. 
Here is my feelings.  Art is an creative expression.  A fulfillment of a vision or idea.  The methods or tools have little relevance.  It comes back to the old saying "What is Art?"  The problem is people try to categorize it, restrict it, criticize it, adore it, love it, or hate it.  But no one is going to stop it, stifle it, or discourage it, if the artist it true to him or herself.  In the end the only true opinion that counts is the artist.

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