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Your photography and digital art journey starts here.  And for many of my regular students there is new rewards for your continued support. .

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Don't just take my word for it.  Let my students tell you why my training is special.


Photographer / Digital Artist
"Mike is a fantastic teacher. I found myself stuck on getting a composite to look "real." Mike helped me learn to blend, tone, and dodge/burn my piece using nondestructive methods. My art quickly went to the next level. I highly recommend Mike!"
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"I am a long term student of Michaels. I started out with his intro to the digital camera and got hooked. I then took his intro to Lightroom, advanced Lightroom, and beginning Photoshop courses. I also attended several of his group photography day trips, which were amazing. He may have moved to Florida, but he continues to help me by remote connection to my computer, where he reviews my work and offers help and suggestions for better composition. His courses are very informative with lots of extra help on the side. You can’t go wrong taking his courses."
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"I have known Mike Adkins for many years. I have taken his workshops and always found them helpful and inspiring. I learned so much from Mike. Since he moved to Florida, I use his Ihelp sessions frequently. He knows all about computers as well as being a whiz at Ps and Lr. If I have a question about any aspect of photography, he is my go to person."
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Below is some of my students creations.  There is no better reword to an instructor than seeing students apply your instruction and create beautiful works.
Judith Browning Photography.
Marcia A. Williams Photography
Patricia Keefe Saizan Photography and Art
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